Madame Sarka's vezen in the last 2 months

Madame Sarka, ...

... my divine Owner Madame Sarka wished her vezen write what happened in the last 2 months. I'm not in the mood to write such stuff again just in moment. But a wish of my Madame is a direct command. A wish what is to fulfill without to protest. And in the end, I'm lucky to obey my Madame's wishes and commands.

As first I have to say sorry. Wasn't ready with this task in the time what my Madame wished. I'm very sorry about it and will suffer any penalties which my Madame give, even strictest chastity under my Madame's control. So long how she think its needed. I felt every time in the past when I was locked, its good for better serving my Madame when her vezen is locked and my Madame has the full control of his imprisonment.

So I kiss my Madame's feet to say sorry.

A while ago I asked my Madame for permission to use a nice photo of her on my page where I posted what my Madame wished. The start page with the construction site icon and 'nothing to see here' isn't nice. Madame Sarka allowed it but wanted to see what photo I want to use. I asked for permission of this nice photo and Madame answered "yes, this is a nice photo" and agreed.

In February I asked my divine Owner for her approval of my wanted journey for some weeks. Madame Sarka permitted my journey, but commanded her vezen into the chastity with strict key control in her hands.

A day before a friend came to me and we started the travel together, then my Madame remembered me ...

... its time to lock the cage.

So you is remembered always who is in control, who has the power, its your owner, its Madame Sarka.

Madame Sarka said, maybe I give you the code for the key safe during your journey, maybe you get unlocked when you is back.

However, I was lucky to stay under my Madame's strict control during my journey. I feel positive effects always when imprisonment by my Madame and locked in the cage. Every time I learn and learn better what it mean to stay under my divine Madame's control. Stay in chastity and worship my Madame, and more effort to work on my tasks and think how can I please my Goddess. And when I'm honest then I must say, I like it to suffer chastity for my Madame and I like it when the Goddess claim to suffer more and when she enforce the time and stretch my limits. So she make it easier to worship and serve her instead to think too much about own things. I love to be Madame Sarka's prisoner, to be her obedient vezen.

As my journey started, then past the first 170 of 560km, I remembered I forgot the key safe. So it was clear ... no unlocking possible before the end of my journey. Nevertheless I love my Madame for enforce her decisions and to show her vezen who has the power ...
... Madame Sarka.

If I passed the border then many kilometers later on the motorway a car with customs officers signaled me to follow for a control on a car park at the motorway.
//deleted a part about what happened during the control, because escorting friend mistress wanted I delete it//
However, they controlled my motorway toll sticker and asked what is in the car, dutiable products or not, and so on. I'm glad my friend is a native language speaker of this country. Past few words with me, then the customs officers noticed my friend speak their language and spoke with her. Later I asked her about what they talked so many minutes. She explained me ... they asked about dutiable products, yes or no, and they told her she have to tell me ... he drove 160km/h sometimes and pls he have to drive only 130km/h. But I was almost sure to drove not faster than 140km/h. Bad thing to drive so slowly ... only 130km/h allowed on the motorway in this neighbour country. In the end, they didn't looked in the car. Maybe some weed is allowed there. Would been bad when more control ... I was still locked in the firm metal cage by my Madame. The custom officers were very kindly, even though they told me something what later I heard its wrong.

I had the birthday parcel for my godlike owner Madame Sarka already finished and took it with me. Later it came to the post office. I wasn't sure if my Madame pleased about the birthday presents and was happy as Madame told me she is pleased with the presents. The valentins day surprise was ordered before I started my journey.

Was so happy as I heard my Goddess Sarka is happy about the valentins day surprise. As well I was happy too as my Madame was pleased about the 8.March - surprise.

My journey was over 5 weeks. Sometimes I wished to open the cb. But then I was glad to stay locked under control of my Goddess Owner. Two times stuff came out in the cage with moving the cage back and forward, but without to 'play' and without fun.

On my travel I had enough time to work on my permanent task what Madame gave me as first as a permanent task long time ago. In the process of this task I check something and see many erotic pics and previews of clips. Not possible to prevent ... it was wet inside and around the cage many times. But in same moment the imprisonmnent help me to make my tasks good and remember me always my Goddess Sarka has the superior leadership.

Since a while I have to ask my owner Madame Sarka when I want to buy something what cost more than a small amount. Its a natural right of my owner to decide if it allowed or forbidden to buy. So I asked my owner Madame Sarka for permission as I needed a thing on my travel.

Madame allowed it, but I have to do this ...

no problem but for my permission u will write 100sentences - 'I like my owner Madame Sarka'
u will write it 1sentence on 1 line
and u will count the lines

Thats a nice and a devilish task in one. Nice, because of speak and repeat the truth ... I like my owner Madame Sarka. Devilish, because 100 times in handwriting ... unlearned handwriting almost with office work and PC at home. It will scribbled handwriting. This task is to do still. The desired thing to buy is not yet bought.

//deleted a part about what happened in the house of my friend mistress, because she wanted I delete it//

On the way back to home I had no problems with the cb because of I was very busy with snow, ice and ice rain. Was lucky to have 4x4 drive.

Was back in the morning. I was so tired past 560km and 3/4 of the way with snow and ice. Only showered and then slept all day long. As sign her vezen is back, my Madame wished to see a cup with cappuccino, a cup with the pic of her.

A day later I asked my Madame for unlock. As first Madame Sarka wanted a pic with still closed cage. I did it ...

... and Madame claimed I have to beg in 10 sentences why she should unlock and Madame demanded "not simple 10x i beg i beg".

So I wrote:
Please my divine Owner Sarka, pls unlock your vezen for a while because i'm in a good training status.
Pls let me out for a while because I accept the unconditional leadership of my owner.
Pls my Madame, when you unlock your vezen then I'm imprisonment still by your beauty and charisma.
Pls my Goddess Sarka, open the cage because you have always the power to unlock and lock.
Pls my Owner, let me out a little bit because I was imprisonment 1,5 month.
Pls my godlike Owner, I'm complete under your mercy and kiss your divine feet and hands.
Pls my Lady in control, I beg you for unlocking, nevertheless I'm under your command.
I beg you my Madame for unlocking, I will keep in mind who has the power ... my godlike Owner Madame Sarka.
Pls my Madame, unlock your vezen, to feel some days freedom and to know its only possible with my Owners permission.
I kiss my Owners feet and beg for unlock the cage, I will every unlocked day during first playing of the day look to my Owner Madame Sarka and join the high feeling with the view of my Goddes Madame Sarka, and accept every time when my Madame decide its time to lock again.

However, I'm glad and proud to suffered these weeks imprisonment. I love to be my Madame's prisoner and to suffer chastity under my Madame's control how long she want, even when madame claim to stay longer and she enforce longer time.

My divine Madame was pleased with the sentences "HMMMMMMM very good sentences my vezen" and a day later she unlocked her vezen.

Before Madame gave me the code for the key safe, then she wanted to see on the cam how I open the cage. In other case ... no code, not open the cb.

I opened the cam. Madame told me the code and watched how I opened the cage. Maybe she didn't believed I was locked still.

Goddess Sarka said too "it is very good u learned how to keep the cage for a long time". And yes, I agree. Its good to stay the most time imprisonment by my godlike owner Madame Sarka, to be unconditional under her control and her mercy.

It was a strange feeling past so long time locked as the cage was open. But its good to stay locked, worship and serve my owner Madame Sarka and know my Madame has the power, Madame is in control and I'm her vezen.

Another rule what my Madame told me ...

... only 2mm beard maximum. Shave properly in the future.

Sometimes it happened that I violated the rule. My Madame commanded, shave properly and take photos before/after shaving and take a photo with my cup. So I did what my Madame wanted.

Past a week at home, then my divine owner Madame Sarka remembered me on my permanent task and wanted to see results again.

My Madame can claim chastity and enforce the time whenever she want. When she is in the mood to have her vezen locked, or when she think its necessary to train her vezen more.
If my Madame decide its enough to unlock her vezen one time monthly or keep him more time locked then my Madame do it. Its her right to decide however she want.

Another still open task ... to get 2 locks for the cb with the lettering 'my owner madame sarka' and a number. I'm looking forward when my Madame take the keys of these locks.

I have to say, my live get more and more sense with serving the Goddess Madame Sarka. I'm happy to have her as my owner and I can live to serve and please her. Thank you, my Goddess Owner Sarka.